Thursday, July 27, 2006

Danny and April

I have never met a groom quite like Danny! First off, these two have been dating for 7 years, you can tell they adore eachother more than anything. He has got a cool sense of humor and she goes right along with it. At the reception all they wanted to do was play, it was awesome for me because they were up for anything. Friends meant a lot to these two and their friends were KILLER! Thanks you two for the "lightness" of the whole wedding.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Model shoot

I was kindly invited by the photogrpahers below to photograph some models at an evening workshop of sorts, these are some of my favs...


O.K. so this guy is honestly one of the most genuine people on this earth. He is so open minded and so good at approaching ways to get better at photography, I think to myself "Helllooooo, how long have you been doing this?"... he rocks at it and knows his stuff! Oh yah, he'll make you laugh and laugh hard!


She is awesome at photography and she seriously blows me away day by day how much better she gets... slow down, I have a ton of catching up to do! She always has gum in her mouth and loves a whacky sense of humor, she's always up for a good laugh.

Chris and Amy

So I met Amy when she called for a consultaion. She had expressed she had narrowed her search down to three photographers, I being one, and the other two happen to be my favorites from the sate of Utah, so a huge compliment to me from my point of view. When we met I immeditely thought "wow, I could be really good friends with this girl", well it turns out, we now are! She is killer and wants to do photography herself... animal photography, and I know would be awesome at it. She did a portrait of her dog and I begged her to print one for me. It is hanging up in my office, it's killer! Her fiance Chris is a Volkswagon fanatic and pimped her little yellow bug out to be the fastest car in SLC, so watch out, she'll come screamin' by you if you're not fast enough. They are an awesome couple who love, adore and respect eachother, I can't wait for their wedding!

Just Trying This Blog Thing Out

O.k. so this is my very first post, I have to say I am kind of intimidated by this sort of thing. It's kind of like journal writing which I seldom do for various reasons... one is, am I going to get spelling and grammer correct? I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that sort of thing, so I mainly avoid it at all costs because it's too much of a headache to have to think about it. Another reason is I am an emotinal writer with a lot of feeling, sometimes too much, so I try to play it down so I don't come across as kooky (which really I kind of am). I have sooooo much going on in my head I can't sort it out in a functional manner so I create, call me an artist? Anyway forgive me if I sound a little crazy sometimes but at least you'll get a laugh. Lots of loves.... Kate