Thursday, November 30, 2006


What a fun bridal session, and quick too. We started the photoshoot a little late because dumb me forgot my digital card (luckily I lived near by the location so it didn't take very long to get the card)... hopefully that will be the only and last time that happens! So we started at 11:30ish and finished at 12:30ish, just in time for Brooke to get to her bridal shower. Her mom Kelley was so much fun to have around and man did she ever help out in desperation (piggybackin' Brooke on the railroad tracks). So thanks you guys, I think these are gorgeous!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yooo Hooo Santi Clauz...

So the girls wrote their lists to Santa last night. You can definately tell that Ellas a girl, and starting to get a bit greedy. I am trying to teach her not to be so "I want this, I want that..." so we are going through her toys, books and clothes to donate them. I can always take them to D.I. but then they just turn around and sell them for kind of a lot these days. I want my kids to see first hand other peoples situations so they can become more grateful of what they have and what it means to give to others. Going to D.I. just doesn't cut it. We are going to pull a name off an angel tree, but the same thing applies, I don't thing they'll understand. Any ideas out there? Service ideas for little kids? Please help.

ELLA: Dear Santa,
Come give us presents to kids. Ella and Claire are good. I want a fairy with pretty glasses. I want a pony with cute hair. I want all the makeup with a butterfly case and an angel with pretty singing. I want all the reindeer drop and lollipop ponies. I want skates, pink heart skates so I can skate. I want a dress with hearts. Mermadia. Christmas tree lights with little stars. Some beautiful shells and a beautiful ribbon. I really want a wedding dress. And I want a blanket for Claire.
Love for ever and ever,
CLAIRE BO: Dear Santa,
Um... Lipstick, Santa, -k-? Presents... pink, all of them. Um Santa Clause, a sucker. I love you.
Love Claire

Monday, November 27, 2006

Matt, Desiree and Family

I am so happy I got to photograph Matt and Desiree again. I shot their wedding 5 years ago and have seen them here and there since then. So when Desiree called me to do their family photos I was super happy, aren't they a beautiful family? And they are so cool and sweet, I don't think I have ever seen Des not smiling.

Head Shots of Beautiful Kim

Kim contacted me about doing some headshots for her application to grad shcool in theater. When I pulled up next to her car I let out a little shriek because heeeelllllooooo, she is stunning! It was a little bright and we kept cracking up because her eyes kept wincing, but we managed and got some gorgeous shots. Thanks Rebekah for suggesting the location, it was perfect for doing shots at high noon.

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Arrival of Abrahm James Griffiths

Hoorah! Little Abrahm arrived safely into this world November 17, 2006 to the proud family of Brad, Martha, Norah and Lou-Lou. Being there for a birth is something everyone should experience if you ever get the opportunity. It is the most beautiful thing in the whole world, a new spirit, a new life, a whole new adventure. God is miraculous to say the least. Welcome to this world Abrahm.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I love getting together with friends, especially friends with cameras! lol! Shannon hosted a little lunch for me and Rebekah just to chat about photography stuff... COUNT ME IN! fun stuff.

My sweet hearted Ella-luv-bugs

My buck toothed little Lumpy Bird

Rebekah and her darling baby Violet

Shannon and her beautiful kiddies Jack and Piper