Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yooo Hooo Santi Clauz...

So the girls wrote their lists to Santa last night. You can definately tell that Ellas a girl, and starting to get a bit greedy. I am trying to teach her not to be so "I want this, I want that..." so we are going through her toys, books and clothes to donate them. I can always take them to D.I. but then they just turn around and sell them for kind of a lot these days. I want my kids to see first hand other peoples situations so they can become more grateful of what they have and what it means to give to others. Going to D.I. just doesn't cut it. We are going to pull a name off an angel tree, but the same thing applies, I don't thing they'll understand. Any ideas out there? Service ideas for little kids? Please help.

ELLA: Dear Santa,
Come give us presents to kids. Ella and Claire are good. I want a fairy with pretty glasses. I want a pony with cute hair. I want all the makeup with a butterfly case and an angel with pretty singing. I want all the reindeer drop and lollipop ponies. I want skates, pink heart skates so I can skate. I want a dress with hearts. Mermadia. Christmas tree lights with little stars. Some beautiful shells and a beautiful ribbon. I really want a wedding dress. And I want a blanket for Claire.
Love for ever and ever,
CLAIRE BO: Dear Santa,
Um... Lipstick, Santa, -k-? Presents... pink, all of them. Um Santa Clause, a sucker. I love you.
Love Claire