Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Brittany contacted me to do her wedding as a referal from her best friend Mary Cusick... I love word of mouth! These two are so adorable. Scott is on the ski patrol at Sundance, so when we were talking about bridal locations they both said they really wanted that 'Sundace look'. Scott obviously knows who skis the mountain a lot and asked Bron, who owns a cabin at Sundance, if we could take pics on his property. Bron happens to be the makeup artist for Pierce Brosnan as well as other famouses I'm sure. As we were in his cabin, I made a comment, I said "wow, this place is great... You're view looks a lot like the Kaplows" (I used to clean residential cabins at Sundance for extra cash ten years ago, when I was dating Mark, and we took our engagement photos on their property). He kind of laughed and said "funny, this is their place... I totally gutted it out and re-did EVERYTHING". WEIRD! I didn't even recognize it, it didn't even look the same, only the view. It was kind of surreal. Anyway, we sure did get some great pics!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Adam and Jessica

Oh these two were soooo funny, especially Jess! She did not (for the life of her) know how to pose in front of my camera. She kept cracking me up because she could not take herself seriously, which is fine with me cause I ended up getting some really fun, spontaneous shots. Adam was just there for the ride and was so great to Jess... he's the type of guy where you want to know what's going on in his head. Jess, if I'm right, you'll be seeing these pics before I get them to you today... Enjoy them, I love them!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Can I say STUNNING bride and groom? These two sweethearts got married on the perfect day... Valentines, how sweet is that? The wedding had a little kink in the beginning, Luke forgot to buy Marcella a wedding band and it broke Marcellas heart... actually like any girl, she was quite ticked. But once she started walking down the isle, I think she kind of forgave him cause she looked so in love and happy. Marcella was compared to Grace Kelly, and rightly so, she is just so beautiful and so graceful. Both families were so cool and helpful. Thanks for the great day!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a CRAZY week... BUT I'm finally back!

Holy Smokes, what an insane week this has been... all for the good let me assure you. We packed up our house last Saturday and moved half of our belongings to my mothers house and the other half to storage. Sunday I spent the whole day cleaning; vaccuming, washing down the whole house, patching and re-painting walls, etc.

When I came to my moms house, our stuff was EVERYWHERE (somewhat still is), I'm in the process of organizing. So this week in addition to shooting a wedding, bridals and engagements, I have been trying to get my life back on track. Then my Ella got an ear infection (she's deaf in one ear for the time being) and Claire almost got her two front teeth knocked out (she sucks her thumb so we're watching her like a hawk that she won't loosen them even more). Getting connected to the internet was the most grueling experience I had to encounter so far... but we finally got there so now I'm online and able to receive e-mails *phew*

Sorry to all of you if I haven't been a very supportive friend this past week and if I haven't commented on your blog yet... I'll get there

*It's amazing what a little kink in our lives can do to us... I found it very stimulating... I was able to get rid of a lot of baggage (weed out the crap I really didn't need in my life) and focus on what I can do to make me and my families life more simple and pleasurable. My brother made a good point when we were having Sunday dinner, he said "think if we only had in our possession what we used on a day to day basis... if you think about it, it's really not a lot of stuff. Life would be much more simple and I bet we would be a lot happier". I think he's on to something.

Friday, February 09, 2007


O.k. so AGAIN I am copying Shannon of Lucky Red Hen She has great ideas and she makes me laugh. But this little ditty also reminds me of my best friend Emily who loves this kind of thing (her journals are packed with this kind of stuff and they're soo entertaining) I hate that Em lives in St. Louis now, I miss our togetherness a lot. Anyhoo, here goes:

1. Have a testimony that my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ lives and love me
2. Will have been married to Mark 10 years this July and whom I cannot live without
3. Have two beautiful daughters whom I cannot live without. Ages: 5 and 3 this March
4. You can always find bubblegum in my purse
5. Just sold our house and am building a new one... it will be completed in July
6. Have a horrendous habit of picking my lips until they bleed, especially if I'm nervous
7. Accidentally caught myself on fire and burned my legs pretty bad
8. Have been in two serious car accidents (roll overs) in my life. The first one, my cousins best friend died
9. While cliff jumping, half my body made it to the water, the other half... well...
10. Lurv snow skiing, especailly with my kick ass of a skier hubby
11. Have a tendency to use language like a sailor, but am working on it
12. Am a pack rat. It's an acquired taste, hee hee. Actually, I don't want to be at all, I hate that I am
13. My vice (as my brother-in-law pointed out) is candy and magazines
14. Have a thing for 1960's-1970's music genre and am happy to say that music is finally getting good again in the 21st century
15. LOVE crossword puzzles and suduko. I have two by my bed, one in my office, and one in the kitchen
16. Have an addiction to being online
17. Just bought a new minivan
18. Want to be able to play the mandolin (which I got from Mark for Christmas) and the Trumpet well... Chris Botti and David Grisman are my inspiration for these instruments
19. Have a green thumb
20. Think "Harold and Maude" was the best movie ever made for so many reasons
21. Am a self proclaimed procrastinator... big time
22. Love my sleep... I need at least 10 hours. But I fight going to sleep, I like to stay awake late, I'm more productive at night
23. Have to sing my girls "edelweiss" every night, without fail, every night
24. Enjoy live music
25. Hate, and I mean hate movie theaters. Will go to one maybe once a year
26. Think Mexican food is at the top of the food pyramid
27. Love antiques and antique shopping (sure wish I lived near the east coast for this)
28. Halloween and the 4th of July are my favorite holidays
29. Am incredibly grateful to live in the United Staes of America and be a citizen
30. Am the youngest of four in my family, two older brothers (Brad and Wade) and one older sister (Emily)
31. Strive to be anything but boring
32. If I had lots of money, I would do all my clothes and home decor shopping at Anthropologie
33. Am sick of my hair, I cut it a while back near my shoulders, probably the most boring haircut I've had in a while... I'm ready to really funk it out
34. Need to lose a good 20 pounds. Probably won't do the above until the weight is gone
35. Enjoy cooking really good meals and love the cooking magazine Cooks Country from Americas Test Kitchen. We have never been disappointed so far
36. Don't like water much
37. Don't sweat, no perspiration what so ever.. is it because I don't drink enough water?
38. My favorite time of day is in the morning when my girls get in bed with me and we cuddle
39. Enjoy playing games with family and friends. A favorite right now is Would You Rather
40. Still get excited when Mark calls me or when he walks through the door
41. Disneyland is my favorite place in the entire world
42. Like to self soothe by picking at my face and plucking the gray hairs out of my head
43. I am a tee-shirt/jeans kind of gal
44. Totally believe in Chinese medicine and have seen first hand what it can do. And this stuff is AMAZING!!!!
45. Have a dis-like for cats, nasty little creatures
46. Jobs have been: Laundry maid for Fairfield Inn, music salesperson at Media play, clothing sales person at JMR, hostess at Applebees, manager for a Healthrider location, Waitress at Romanos Macaroni Grill, and my all time fav... photographer.
47. Think it's really important to tell the people you love that you love them
48. Want my kids to enjoy and appreciate the arts (literature, music *classical and jazz*, photography, illustration, painting, etc.) and will strive to make sure they have opportunities to do so
49. Am a Virgo
50. Dislike talking on the phone
51. Like to people watch
52. Could spend countless hours in Barnes and Noble and Borders
53. Despise meaness in any way, shape or form
54. Don't know how to express myself that well. I botch up what I want to say because I get too emotional and don't think things out rationally. I can actually see my words scrambling up in my head right before the scrambled words come out of my mouth and I can't stop them
55. I try, everyday, to be grateful and say "thank you" for my life, my family, my health, etc.
56. Have a jewelry business
57. Believe in the power of the mind
58. Want a summer cottage on the shore of Lake Oswego, Oregon
59. I highly respect and adore my mom
60. Love getting together with family and friends and laughing
61. Think Seinfield, Arrested Development, The Office, and The Simpsons are so clever and so funny
62. Enjoy reading when I have the time, but it has to be beautiful writing
63. Have a special place in my heart for a small town in Utah called Tabiona
64. Did an internship in photography while at BYU for the great Mary Ellen Mark
65. Wish more people would comment on my blog... I know your lookin'
66. Would love to have a personal massage therapist
67. Love the out-doors; nature, camping, hiking, etc.
68. If I could have been a pro at one extreme sport, it would have been river kayaking
69. Ancestry comes from Whales (dads side "Griffiths"), and Italy (moms side "DiStefano")
70. Would love to have fresh flowers delivered to my home weekly
71. Have a hard time understanding peoples facination with Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, etc. What good have they done for society?
72. Favorite color is Turquoise
73. Am a dead head at heart
74. I like my feet
75. Look forward to my moms fresh, homemade peach cobbler every fall... my favorite dessert
76. Didn't like ice cream, soda, and steak until I married Mark
77. Think everyone should wear lipstick cause it's my fav
78. Would love to be really good at calligraphy, water color and oil painting
79. Don't ever want to own a pet... the thought of a dog is nice, but in reality, no thanks
80. Love Target, and think their commercials are killer... I also like Walgreens commercials
81. If I come upon a word I don't understand while reading, I'll look it up in the dictionary... too bad I forget what the word means 5 minutes after I read the definition
82. Have had 9 root canals
83. I am on the constant look out for inspiration
84. Really, really, really enjoy foreign films
85. Don't know my times tables, I never learned them and yes, I failed all my math classes
86. I wear contacts and glasses
87. Prefer the heat over the cold, that way don't have to wear socks, just slip the flops flops on baby
88. Jelly Bellys are my favorite treat
89. Prefer Jay Leno over David Letterman
90. Gained a HUGE apprecitaion for the West while living in New York for a summer
91. Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney film
92. Hate washing laundry, but don't mind folding it
93. Wish I was more computer/tech savvy
94. Just sold 7, 000 vinyl records
95. I Enjoy a hot bath with a good book
96. I wish I could eat fresh seafood everyday
97. My drinks HAVE to be to the very top with ice
98. Have 8 holes in my ears but only use 2 of them
99. Could listen to good music all day long
100. Am glad this is over... it was harder than I thought


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

WE'RE MOVING "happy,happy, sigh, sigh"

We are moving this Saturday... whoa it came fast! We are building a house in Lehi, south of Thanksgiving Point, it's an Ivory home in the development of Colony Point. The house won't be done until July, so in the mean time we are moving into my mothers house (whom I adore). I thought we had more time, but apparently the buyers want us out immediately, and we need the money from the sale of our house for a down payment. So Saturday will be the BIG moving day... I am focusing all my energy that the move will be easy and painless. You know, I am having a bitter/sweet experience with this whole process. The home that we are currently in is our "first home", this is the only home my kids know. I am trying not to stay too attached, but that's kind of the persom I am. It's been a great place, and I have loved it dearly, but I AM ready for change. "Thank you home, we love you!"
phone number/e-mail will remain the same
846 E 950 S Orem, UT. 84097

Monday, February 05, 2007


Chris and Kim are such an amazing , grateful, and happy couple. I love that they compliment eachother so well... look at their smiles! Their wedding day was, amazingly enough, a warm day... compared to her bridal day. And of course we got fantastic shots of them just doing their thing. Everything went very well and smooth... smooth like pina coladas in Maui, luckies! All florals done by LIZ Whimsy Floral, whom I just adore!