Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Brittany contacted me to do her wedding as a referal from her best friend Mary Cusick... I love word of mouth! These two are so adorable. Scott is on the ski patrol at Sundance, so when we were talking about bridal locations they both said they really wanted that 'Sundace look'. Scott obviously knows who skis the mountain a lot and asked Bron, who owns a cabin at Sundance, if we could take pics on his property. Bron happens to be the makeup artist for Pierce Brosnan as well as other famouses I'm sure. As we were in his cabin, I made a comment, I said "wow, this place is great... You're view looks a lot like the Kaplows" (I used to clean residential cabins at Sundance for extra cash ten years ago, when I was dating Mark, and we took our engagement photos on their property). He kind of laughed and said "funny, this is their place... I totally gutted it out and re-did EVERYTHING". WEIRD! I didn't even recognize it, it didn't even look the same, only the view. It was kind of surreal. Anyway, we sure did get some great pics!