Friday, December 29, 2006

Ryan and Brooke Get Hitched

You two have been so great, CONGRATS! Trent, thank you for trusting me to take care of your gorgeous daughter, the pics are beautiful. O.k. so on the "Billy Bob" teeth thing, Brooke would give her wide elegant smile to the camera while Ryan would slowly turn his head away from hers, slip in his horrid teeth, slowly turn his head back around (doing it very slowly as not to cause attention to himself from Brooke), and give a big cheese. Poor Brooke had no idea, even after the 6th time or so. Funny. It kept everything for me not to bust up and act serious. You guys are awesome, thanks much!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Chris and Kim were so fun to shoot! Kim and I kept hasseling Chris because he was confused about how his eyes should look when he was smiling. He thought that if he smiled with his eyes he looked asleep and we kept telling him he looked better with "smiley eyes", I am sure he was sick of hearing it from us. I think they turned out great and Chris's eyes look just perfect!*wink*, *wink*. Kim and I went to Junior high together, so when we met, we kept looking at eachother and saying "you look so familiar", but then we finally nailed how we knew eachother down. Hope you guys had a good time and Chris's work party ;-)

Sunday, December 17, 2006


On friday night (about 1 a.m.), Mark and I were coming down the Sundance canyon road after a work party. It had been snowing pretty hard for a couple of hours and they had not plowed the roads. So with about 3 inches of snow on the road I was made sure to drive REALLY slow (15 mph). We were chatting about the night when I hit a spot on the road and we started to slide. My first reaction was to pump the brakes and turn the wheel so I could get traction back to the tires but to no avail, all the while yelling to Mark "What do I do, what do I do?" We were headed straight for the mountain or into the river depending on how the car wanted to slide. So as we were sliding (mind you this is in the space of about 10 seconds... which was really and eternity to us) I kept thinking "please, please, please slide into the mountain not the river". Well God must have been listening because we did just that. We hit the mountain pretty much straight on, when up a bit at which point I yelled to Mark "we're gonna roll" he yelled back "put your hands on the roof of the car", and we flipped. So here's the scene: Mark and I are hanging upside down like two bats in a cave looking at eachother in complete bewilderment.
Me: Are you o.k.?
Mark: Yeah, I'm o.k., you o.k.?
Me: Yeah I'm fine. Can you open your window, mines busted and I don't want to crawl through glass.
Mark: Better yet, I can open my door.
So Mark opened his door and crawled out. While I am still haning upside down I see a car coming down the canyon I yelled to Mark to come around to my side, and as the car neared it kind of slowed a bit and then just kept on going... WHAT THE HELL? Did that just happen? Who does that? Thank goodness that was the ONLY idiot that night... well next to the police officer. So I braced myself, unclicked my seat belt and crawled out. So here is Mark and I standing next to our car that's on it's hood, it's completely dark and it's snowing pretty hard. SURREAL. We look at eachother with blank stares and embrace, saying over and over again "I love you". Then with our luck, the plow came down the mountain, oooooo.kkkkkk. It was really weird, never once did we panic or get freaked out. Mark calmly called 911, and the next vehicle to stop was a cool lady that let us sit in her car while we waited for the emergency crew to show up. The ambulance was the first to arrive, so we hung out inside the ambulance while everyone filled out their reports. The tow truck guy was able to flip the car and get in on his truck in fifteen minutes and then he kindly gave us a ride home. The whole thing lasted about 3 hours. *By the way, I got a speeding ticket... going 15 mph on a 35 mph road. Apparently I was going too fast for conditions, and when I questioned the officer he told me " well I have to give everyone a ticket, because that's what my commanding officer wants, and he's going to question me about it if I don't give you one. But don't worry, it will only be on your record for 3 years... blah, blah, blah".
I am soooo grateful, even through the car and the ticket, that Mark and I are safe and well. We were able to come home to our beautiful girls and everything is going to be o.k.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Melissa called me to do some shots of her since she never got her high school "senior photos" taken. I asked her what made her decide to use me and she said that she liked how my subjects never looked uncomfortable... such an awesome compliment! She got right into it from the get go and totally got some beautiful shots, I think she is sooooo pretty! We went to Riverwoods and all I can say is poo poo on "Victorias Secret", unfortunately for them, I have never had a good experience thus far. Anyway, thanks Melissa for having me take your photos!

Monday, December 11, 2006


So those who know me well in the picture taking industry, know I absolutely hate using my flash and will only use it if it is a MUST. Well last Saturday night was one of those MUST times. I shot Fred and Christines wedding at Deer Valley Lodge and though it was super dark (candle light and dimmed canned lights), I think they turned out very nice. *Note: I really only used flash on less than half of the photos... my camera and lenses did wonders for me, I love them so. Christine was so elegant, graceful and beautiful, how could I not get gorgeous pics of her and Fred? It was a great wedding.