Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy 4th Birthday Josie Love

Josie is my Cute little Disney niece, her voice is the cutest ever, it seriously sounds like she is a disney character. "Hhhhhhhiiiiiii"! She had a little birthday party get together and my whole family came... it's not hard since we all live near by each other, but still it's so fun to be with family.

Wade (brother) and Landen
Josie and my Ella

Jeremy and Samantha

I got to fly out to Oregon for these two, what a treat! I met Samantha through a neighbor whom I grew up with. They served LDS missions together. I did Jeremy and Sams engagements, so when she called me to possibly shoot her wedding in Oregon I was stoked. They are totally cool and were willing to pose up a storm for me. Thanks for everything you two!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mikah Moo (aka Jodie Foster)

I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding in Oregon the last weekend of July. It just so happens that my best friend from highschool lives in Beaverton (near Portland) and I got to hang out with her for (unfortunately) a very short amount of time, but hey, I'll take what I can get. We went to dinner the night I flew in at an Italian place called Zeppos in Lake Oswego. I had the seafood pasta since I was near the coast and hoped it would be fresh, it was yummy. We chatted and later met up with her man at Borders and hung out the rest of the night. Can I just say Oregon is where I feel at home. I happened to live there for a very brief amount of time right out of highschool and haven't been back in a while. As soon as I came over the bridge from the airport (and you get this incredible view of Portland on the hillside, it's amazing) I had this unbelievable feeling that is where I am suppose to be... crazy, I love that place. And I saw a bumper sticker that said "Keep Oregon Wierd" 'nuf said about that. It was soooo good to see you again Mikah, you will ALWAYS be a dear friend to me.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh My, Oh My

Holy Crap! This shoot was soooo much fun to do! Amy totally shocked me in that she posed like crazy and was soooo good at it... WHAT? I had a second shooter come along (Rebekah) and she had a friend come along too (Jasmine)and we totally had a blast. These were all taken in downtown SLC and she had many admirers, so much so a bar attendent that was working in a bar called Lumpys came outsite and asked if she would come in since all the guys wanted to have her inside not outside. Also (this was pretty funny) I had set up my shot and three people walked past, one said "oooh don't get in the brides picture" and the other replied "don't worry she's not a bride, she's a model" hee, hee, hee. Amy, I love ya!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bryce and Megan

Megan contacted me to do her wedding last spring and what a cool chic she is! I had photographed her friend Tiffanies wedding last year and she happened to be in the wedding party, Meg liked her photos so much she had me do her wedding too and I am so thrilled she chose KMB photography... soon changing to kate benson photography. Her now husband Bryce is this totally laid back "yeah whatever" kind of dude. If he could have been married in his slippers and sweat pants, he would have been extremely happy I'm sure! They're wedding was such a blast and the kind of wedding I pray to do again... the DETAILS! Thanks you two, it was soooo much fun!