Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh My, Oh My

Holy Crap! This shoot was soooo much fun to do! Amy totally shocked me in that she posed like crazy and was soooo good at it... WHAT? I had a second shooter come along (Rebekah) and she had a friend come along too (Jasmine)and we totally had a blast. These were all taken in downtown SLC and she had many admirers, so much so a bar attendent that was working in a bar called Lumpys came outsite and asked if she would come in since all the guys wanted to have her inside not outside. Also (this was pretty funny) I had set up my shot and three people walked past, one said "oooh don't get in the brides picture" and the other replied "don't worry she's not a bride, she's a model" hee, hee, hee. Amy, I love ya!