Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a CRAZY week... BUT I'm finally back!

Holy Smokes, what an insane week this has been... all for the good let me assure you. We packed up our house last Saturday and moved half of our belongings to my mothers house and the other half to storage. Sunday I spent the whole day cleaning; vaccuming, washing down the whole house, patching and re-painting walls, etc.

When I came to my moms house, our stuff was EVERYWHERE (somewhat still is), I'm in the process of organizing. So this week in addition to shooting a wedding, bridals and engagements, I have been trying to get my life back on track. Then my Ella got an ear infection (she's deaf in one ear for the time being) and Claire almost got her two front teeth knocked out (she sucks her thumb so we're watching her like a hawk that she won't loosen them even more). Getting connected to the internet was the most grueling experience I had to encounter so far... but we finally got there so now I'm online and able to receive e-mails *phew*

Sorry to all of you if I haven't been a very supportive friend this past week and if I haven't commented on your blog yet... I'll get there

*It's amazing what a little kink in our lives can do to us... I found it very stimulating... I was able to get rid of a lot of baggage (weed out the crap I really didn't need in my life) and focus on what I can do to make me and my families life more simple and pleasurable. My brother made a good point when we were having Sunday dinner, he said "think if we only had in our possession what we used on a day to day basis... if you think about it, it's really not a lot of stuff. Life would be much more simple and I bet we would be a lot happier". I think he's on to something.