Wednesday, February 07, 2007

WE'RE MOVING "happy,happy, sigh, sigh"

We are moving this Saturday... whoa it came fast! We are building a house in Lehi, south of Thanksgiving Point, it's an Ivory home in the development of Colony Point. The house won't be done until July, so in the mean time we are moving into my mothers house (whom I adore). I thought we had more time, but apparently the buyers want us out immediately, and we need the money from the sale of our house for a down payment. So Saturday will be the BIG moving day... I am focusing all my energy that the move will be easy and painless. You know, I am having a bitter/sweet experience with this whole process. The home that we are currently in is our "first home", this is the only home my kids know. I am trying not to stay too attached, but that's kind of the persom I am. It's been a great place, and I have loved it dearly, but I AM ready for change. "Thank you home, we love you!"
phone number/e-mail will remain the same
846 E 950 S Orem, UT. 84097