Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ava Ray

This is Marks brothers little one, Ava Ray. She is Tyler and Lisas first child, first delight, first lamby love, first sugar plumb, first stinker poo... you get the point. She is such an angel, I've never heard a grumpy peep out of this one, her nature is extremely pleasant. She comes from amazing parents who are such beautiful people. It's hilarious to see Lisa hold her baby... well let me preface you with the fact that Lisa is tiny! She probably reaches 12" on her tippie toes- heh, heh... no really she's little so when she holds Ava, they're the same size. If anyone is going to the Thriller performance by Odyssey Dance Company... watch for little Lisa, she out-shines everyones performances by like 5' in my opinion.