Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nelson Family 2008

Meet my beloved neighbors when I was growing up, the Nelsons. I love this family so much! Heather (bottom right) and I were incredibly close through elementary school and junior high... if our lights were on in our bedrooms, it was time to hang out and get into mischief. Oh man, how I miss those days of total freedom. Heather now works as a life flight nurse in Salt Lake (first responder,) how cool is that? Luckily I get to stay in touch with my mom still living close to Claudia.
When we did this shoot, it was clear skies until we stepped out of our vehicles, then the flurries decided to visit. Thanks to Utah weather, the flurries left as fast as they approached and we were able to do our shoot... phew. You guys are awesome! awesome! awesome!