Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ellas 7th *B* Day

My girl turned 7 on March 4th. 7, seven, SEVEN! I can hardly stand it. Why does childhood have to be taken away so quickly? I HATE that my kiddies have to grow up... why can't they stay young and innocent forever? Boo.
We really tried to make Ellas day special from Mark getting her favorite thing in the world -flowers-, to dining at her favorite restaurant -Carrabbas-, to dancing around the kitchen to our "birthday song" -Happy Birthday to Me by Cracker-. And as I was reminiscing about Ella through out the day, I couldn't help but feel completely overwhelmed by how much I love my little ellaluvbugs. She means everything to me. She wants so badly to please me and takes everything to heart. Her demeanor is pure sweetness... so much so, it's hard not to take advantage of her. She is loving, compasionate, shy, goofy, emotional, sensitive, curious, true, artisitc, helpful, and much MUCH more.

You'll see she's glaring at me in one of the photos below, but it's SO appropriate for the moment because somethings never change.
When Ella was a baby, she hated to be confined in any way shape or form. She hated being strapped into her car seat, stroller, high chair, etc. She didn't like being cuddled all that much either. When she was sleepy, you could forget holding her or rocking her to sleep, she just wanted to be put down in her OWN bed and she'd take care of the rest. But the worst confinment for her was clothing and hair... still is. There can be no tightness of any sort ANYWHERE. No elastic around the chest, wrists, waist, ankles... nothing. Everything has to fit just right or else fit central will insue. It takes Ella a good 25 minutes to get dressed in the morning because she has to re-adjust everything AT LEAST 2 times... even the lining from her socks on her toes has to fit evenly. Nothing can be "too tight" OR "too loose". So when I begged to do her hair for her birthday and she actually let me... you can probably guess what went down, and I have the picture to prove it. Like I said before some things never change.
I love you Ella Kathryn! Happy Birthday!