Friday, November 13, 2009

Danielle Maternity Shoot

I LOVE this shoot!!! First off Danielle was so, so easy to photograph. She is truly a classic beauty, pure and simple. Anybody recognize my most favorite film man? That's right, it's David Perry and this is his lovely family! I was totally honored when they asked me to do this for them, I mean do you even have any idea how many photographers David knows? Like a gazillion. So thanks guys for asking me! We really wanted to take these in an apple orchard because Danielle has craved apples her entire pregnancy, but by the time we could finally get together, all the apple orchards were bare... boo. I DO like the simplicity of the apples in the basket though, I think it gets the point across.
Thank you David, Danielle, and Drew Perry
Thank you Sam from Something Vintage Something Blue for such an awesome car!