Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My adorable family and I just got in from Disneyland in California this past week and what an experience! My girls are the perfect ages for being carried away in the magic... they had SUCH a good time and well their mother had SUCH a good time as well... I am a closet Disney junkie! I ended up missing an important seminar with one of my favorite photographers but I must say it was well worth it. We stayed in a hotel directly across the street from Disneyland called Tropicanna Inn and Suites and no kidding it was a three minute walk from our hotel to the entrance of Disneyland. Luckily we went the same time as Marks sister-in-laws family who we were able to trade off kid watching so we could do the "big" rides too... everything was just perfect! The pics were done with my little point and shoot... not bad.
Claire boogied hard to the Disneyland marching band and later decided to give them some of her goldfish crackers which they thought was a mighty fine treat. I love that the Disneyland employees do there job soooooo incredibly well. They made my kids feel like they were the only ones that mattered, they gave them a lot of special attention as they did with all the children there.

A nice lady offered to take our family pic... how could I refuse?

My cute hubby and girl at the end of the night. He surprised the girls with minnie mouse ears, Claires being the pink princess ears and Ella with white wedding ears with a veil since she is obssesed with getting married. They were so excited!

The Queen of hearts was taken also smitten with Claire Bo since Claire again shared her goldfish crackers with her. The queen happily shoved the cracker in the mouth of her mask and kept kissing Claires cheek.

The Mad Hatter immediately spotted Claire out of a big kiddie crowd and gave her some funny one on one time.

The infamous "Club 33" ever heard of it? Either had I .