Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kate "needs"

O.k. so I am ready to go out of my mind! I am having huge problems keeping my computer monitor calibrated with whcc, uuugghhh! I have received the proofs for four events and they are horrible, so bad I can't give them to clients. So I have gone back on all the events I have edited the last month or so and they ALL need to be re-edited, so I'll be pulling a couple all nighters including tonite. So as I am waiting for my image processor in photoshop to work through hundreds of photos, I have ample time to browse the internet, catch up on interesting blogs and such. One of the blogs I check regularly is a blog called luckyredhen I met her through a photo meeting a while back and well... her blog pretty much cracks me up. One thing she did was look up her first name on google and then typed "needs" to see what would come up, so I did it tonite and this is what I got:

Kate "Needs"...
A Shave
Probably could use one right about now seeing that it's been well over a month since my last one... I am lucky though, I don't have much there to begin with

To Be Able To Reload A File
No, I am really good at that now, since I have spent the last six months with a new computer that has constantly had problems, I have had to work everyone of them out myself thank you very much

Your Help
Anyone wanna babysit?

A Tooth... A Few Teeth
That won't need a root canal in the near future, since I'll be working on el numero 10 if one does decide to creep up on me since I brush an floss every single day, my dentist loves me

To Find A Way To Deal With Stress
How about dealing with time management? Let's see time for taking photos, uploading photos, editing photos, uploading them again to two different places, calibrating, designing wedding albums, meeting with clients, cheking voicemail, checking e-mails, staying on top of the latest and hottest trends for my business, reading a lot on marketing, organizing (which is non-existent), accounting, taxes, designing, being a wife and mother which is another full time job; getting the kids bathed and dressed, fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner, grocery shopping, taking Ella to and from preschool, pottey training Claire, doing the dishes, laundry, dusting, vaccuming, cleaning the bathrooms, picking up my kids obnoxious toys all day long... no kidding, all day long (and they're always the ones from McDonalds, doh!), remembering to eat, making sure my girls know calculus before kindergarten, spending one on one time with Mark, running errands, not losing my mind, oh yeah and having a jewelry biz on the side cause you know, I have sooo much time on my hands, and last but not least making sure my family knows I love them!

To Ride
Away... very, very far away

A Twinkie
No thanks, I'll go for a yellow Zinger instead

To Sell Her Locket To Get Money
To sell all my lockets so I can get out of my jewlery biz... DONE

A Priest
How 'bout a Bishop?

To Make Up Her Mind Already
Why do I need to make up my mind? Do you think I should make up my mind? Maybe I really do need to make up my mind, I should probably just make up my mind... oooooh I don't know...

To Meet The Mayor Of An Israeli Arab Community
Oh yeah, I'd have lot's of questions like when's the end of the world? They could call North Korea and talk about it over lunch

A Brush
Actually, I quite like my hair

To Be Genuine
I think I am, I never got into what everyone else was doing, I always did what felt right to me, and still do

A Movie...
Ask Mark about this one, poor guy. I don't like movies much, ESPECIALLY movie theaters, you have to drag me there or bribe me with Bajio. It's rare if there is a movie I actually WANT to see... Little Miss Sunshine?