Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Baaaackkk, with Kelli and Craig

Well hello there friendly bloggers, it's been a while... I'm so glad to be back in business! Have you missed me?
Okay, for starters, to my clients that have not received there photos due to the computer issues... your photographs are now completed and you will be getting a phone call from me either Friday or Saturday so we can meet up. Thank you, thank you for being so patient.

Now for the photos. I'm only posting this engagement shoot tonight, much more to come.
Kelli, Kelli, Kelli, what do I say about Kelli? I adore this girl more than anything! Kelli is the sister of Cami and Mindi... you can check out Mindis photo shoots here, here, and here. I grew up right next door to Kelli and I can honestly say she is the coolest most down-to-earth girl EVER! She's an avid hiker, runner, yogaer, Sundancer, Gatehouse Sales womaner, all the things I wish I wererer. And she finally found a guy that matches her perfectly.
Congrats Kelli on waiting out for your perfect man... and way hot to boot! YEE DOGGIE!