Monday, June 11, 2007


How much do I love this girl? I cannot believe Mindi Jo is getting married! Isn't funny how time flys but seems to stand still at the same time? I'll be 31 this year and it just seems like yesterday I was playing "house" and "school" in Mindis basement with her older sister Cami. I can remember everything so distinctly... where the costumes were (her moms cheerleading outfits from Provo High), the smell of the unfinished basement, the huge green chalk board on the east wall, the couch right beneath the stairs (which took a lot of pounding or I should say jumping), etc. So now, 20 something years later I have to face that I'm getting a little older and it's okay for Mindi to be getting married... she's old enough... I guess... I'm kidding Mindi *wink*

We started these bridals a little late (the photographer wasn't very "on it" that day, and to my defense, the "on it" part has never happened before), did I just admit that? Ouch! We had great light for a while but when you're shooting a couple like these guys, you just can't stop. By the time we ended the session it was full on DARK, but oh so moody and delicious. I absolutely love these!