Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Meredith hired me to shoot her wedding in Oakland California a while back thanks to Carrie, a friend of mine. We had never met before the big day so I was happy (to say the least) that Meredith and Brady were so cool, gorgeous and down to earth!
The whole Bay area really took me by suprise. I had been to San Fran once when I was eight years old, but remember nothing. Then I went to Oakland in highschool to see "The Dead" play at the Coliseum but didn't really venture out anywhere because we didn't have a car. So this time we went a day early and it wasn't enough time to say the very least. We will be back very soon.
Excuse the MANY photos you are about to view, there were too many "favs" to narrow it down. It was such a great day... with high spirits, laughing, dancing, and of course deep love. You guys are awesome! I only wish the very best for your family.