Friday, March 28, 2008

My Heart Is Full Tonight

I am so grateful tonight... let me tell you why.

I have been a major "Debbie Downer" for the last several weeks for all sorts of reasons but mainly it's because this morning sickness thing is kicking my trash... it's not fun, I don't enjoy feeling like crap, it's definitely not my idea of a good time. I look really cute these days with my sweats, crocs, dark circles under my eyes, and unkempt hair... I am a sight for sore eyes! I snap at my family on an average of 6 times within any given hour. I have this thing with my saliva, I am producing like 50 times more than the average person, it's constantly brewing in my mouth, so much so I have to frequently spit in a cup. And if I swallow it, it makes me instantly nauseous and I throw up. Spit=nasty. I pretty much cannot function with the sleepiness, throwing up and grumpiness until around 4:00 in the afternoon, then after that I still have to take it pretty easy and remember to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and oh did I say eat? Yeah eat until I'm blue in the face.

So enough of that.
To all my future clients that have booked with me in these coming months and are shaking in their boots right about now, don't fret... you're still going to get the healthy, happy, creative me, even if I have to take drugs to get me there, plus I should be over this bump by that time anyway. Please don't worry.

With all this whining and complaining I've been centered on (and if anyone knows me, you know it's not my bag,) I have realized, and epiphany if you will, that I am grateful for so many things.

1. Kind and creative human beings. Thank you to all that have been a friend or an adoring fan. Thank you if you have e-mailed to congratulate our bun in the oven. Thank you if you have e-mailed to give kudos on my work. Thank you to all who leave kind comments on this blog, it means more than you think!

2. Thank you to my dear friend and amazing photographer Rebekah Westover for all the support.

3. Thank you to Liz with Whimsy Floral for the thoughtful card.

4. Thank you to Amy with Amy Anne Photography for the clever books.

5. Thank you to my bestie Emily for knowing and understanding me. When I get my favorite foreign film on used videotape for my birthday... then your my friend forever. Thanks Em. I found this song on itunes and downloaded it immediately.

6. Thank you to Style me Pretty.

7. Thank you artists and photographers out there that I have bookmarked... you give me much needed daily inspiration.

8. Thank you mom for never giving up... you are amazing and such an inspiration.

9. Thank you Ellaluvbugs for sweet notes that read " i luv you. yes i do. you ur my favarit mom." and "you make my hart hapy."

10. Thank you to a great movie that made me have a good cry tonight Dan In Real Life, and the soundtrack is amazing to boot! Ever heard of Sondre Lerche? Well you need too.

11. Thank you french fries, you are my latest lovvva.

12. And most important, thank you Heavenly Father, I can always count on you.