Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Barbaras Bridals

Warning: the horizontals are pixelated, click to view them how they should be viewed.

Now, let's get started. I was a bit stressed out about this shoot because I had originally planned on shooting at the most killer location that I just happened upon one day while driving in a specific neighborhood. When I asked permission to shoot there the day I found it, the guy gave me his card and said "Just let me know, when the time gets a little closer," Which I took for a yes... apparently it was a big fat NO! Well if anyone has noticed, Utah looks extremely lovely this time of year so my choice of locations runneth over in all sorts of possibilities. I was bummed and stressed at the same time. Before the shoot, I went house hunting and wasn't able to talk with any owners (I would never trespass.) So within 5 minutes of the shoot I was finally able to talk with a house owner and not only did he let us shoot there, he totally swept and cleaned his porch for us, then, THEN, he invited us inside to shoot is his KILLER den area, plus, his den had all the colors of Barbaras wedding. Talk about kind and generous.
The next place we went I had it covered, but the last place house we went to, Barbara had driven by it earlier and wanted a couple photos around the home. When I knocked on the door, the kindest gentleman answered, almost hugging me when I went to shake his hand. He let us take pics around his home and then, THEN, he invited us inside to take photos on his NARROW staircase, he told us that in nine years of living there, he had never invited anyone to do that... WHAT? Two times? Talk about the heavens opening. It totally paid off in the end and we got some lovely photographs. Thank you to everyone involved that day!

BTW, the last guy has this cool little cabin that he rents out like a bed and breakfast... Laura Ingels style, it's really cool. The name and number: Battle Creek Inn 801-785-4437