Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Torsten & Katie: Engagements

Oh my stars! I love these two and as you can see below, you will know why... they were pretty much up for anything and so happy the entire shoot even though they are Phoenix 70+ temp kind of people. Katie booked me one year ago and her time has finally come... finally! She knew exactly what she wanted and we happily delivered:
1: A brewery of some sort (who knew Squatters would have a wait at 4:30 in the afternoon?)
2. Somewhere with water
3. Somewhere with railroad tracks
Well I think we got all the shots we wanted plus some, it was an awesome shoot, even with crazy My Chemical Romance enthusiast that wouldn't get off my couch, um yeah.
Torsten, you slick dresser you, it was great meeting you... now I can see why Katie absolutely adores you! Thanks so much you two.