Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Katie Greenwood Bridals

Can you say STUNNING BRIDE? Katie looked absolutely amazing for her bridal shoot. She had described her dress to me and sent me an e-mail pic of the dress but once she had it on she was radiant and she totally made the dress how it was suppose to look on a bride. Katie was so great to work with, she would do anything I would ask her to do, even if it meant getting her dress a little dirty... gotta love that! When we did this shoot, the wind was out of control. By the time we got to Memory Grove to finish up the shoot, all the brides (I think 6 total) were RUNNING as fast as they could out of the park because it started raining, but not Katie, she was running the opposite direction... I mean what could a little rain and wind do to dampen her spirits? Not a thing! I adore you Katie.