Friday, July 13, 2007


WOW what a wedding! Renee called me as a referal from my husbands co-worker Johnnie. She and Greg live in Virginia (Greg works as a Lobbyist). They are both originally from California but met in Europe while attending a Charity Gala... Greg was smitten at the first glance of Renee. Once they started talking they found out their interests were more than compatible, basically they were perfect for eachother, and they are!
It was three days of shooting everything from the guys golfing to the morning after ;-) My partner in crime Rebekah second shot with me, thankfully as there were sooooo many thing to photograph. California has such beautiful light... it's warm and hazy and produces yummy rays of goodness. I have so many photos from this wedding I had a hard time narrowing it down just a few. And if you go to Rebekah's blog, don't believe anything she said *wink wink*