Monday, November 26, 2007

The Bratt Family

What is up with blogger? I can't seem to figure this thing out, and it's starting to get on my nerves- aarrrrgh! My horizontal photos look like poop when I upload them... so please people, for all that's good in blogger world, click on the horizontals to view them how they should be viewed.
Okay, moving on. Kay Bratt booked me from Texas to shoot their family over Thanksgiving week-end. I asked her how many were in her family but forgot to ask ages... assuming she would have small children which seems to be the norm for me... (THANK YOU new families who have small children that can't tell you "no"... yet... you keep me in business, gracias!) So when everyone was there, I kept looking for small children, or elves to pop out from underneath the cars... wait a minute -as I rub my eyes- am I dreaming? What? No kiddies? No way, weird. So to say the least this was one of the fastest family shoots I've ever had. How cute is this family? Ah the love!