Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My house!

Forgive me for not posting in a while... I'm a bit overwhemled with everything at the moment, i.e. photography, Christmas, my house, being a wife, being a mother, being a homemaker, etc.

WANTED: Priorities, where are you? I did post some family sessions below though, and many more are to come including two weddings.

Honestly, I have felt frazzled ever since we've moved into our new house three months ago. Our house is falling apart and it's freakin' brand new! We have had so many problems and the lastest just topped them all. Imagine, if you will, coming home after a three day Thanksgiving holiday in Park City to a house that's an insane 140 degrees when it's something like 40 degrees outside. NO KIDDING, our house felt like we walked into the bloody heat of the Sahara Desert. Immediately Mark gives me the "look", meaning, I'm in BIG trouble for keeping the heat on while we ate turkey and unbuttoned our pants for three days. Okay fine, give me the look, but I set the dang thermostat to a whopping 65 degrees, NOT 140 degrees, there IS a difference there. What happened? I don't have a clue. All I know is we were immediately parched when we walked through the door, we couldn't breathe and Ella couldn't stop screaming "It's too hot, WHHHHYYYY IS IT SOOOOOO HOOOOOOOTTTTT? Make the hot STOOOOOOOOOOP." It took an entire day for our house to cool down. Heat was still radiating through our granite counter tops, the walls, the wood floor, the water pipes. The heat literally penetrated every fiber of our home. Now we are seeing the effects from the expansion (heat), and contraction (cold). Our wood floors and popping all over the place and the seams and seals are separating, it's seriously a mess. Our floors were a mess before, but now... aye-yi-yi. The grout seams in the bathrooms are separating from whatever it was attached to (baseboards, tubs, etc.) The baseboards are coming away from the walls and separating at the joints. The formica and granite counter tops are also separating away from the walls. A Windex bottle melted on my brand new office desk and ate through the finish. We now have to throw all our medications and vitamins out, not to mention our gas bill is going to be outrageous due to our heater chugging away for 72 hour straight, oh, and our electricity bill from the refrigerator running full blast to compensate the cruel heat. Stoooopid House. Thank the high heavens we are still under warranty... they should take care of our utility bill though right?

Anyway, did I mention how much I love my girls? AND mister "looker" too?