Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What going on...

-Ella meeting Claire for the first time-

Hey everyone, long time not talkie eh? Please forgive my lack of posts lately, you see I am about ready to pop here pretty soon (5 weeks, but it feels like it needs to be today!) and I am finally starting the preparations for our upcoming arrival.

So what's been happening with Miss Kate and her family you ask?
- Last minute vacations before Ella headed off to first grade on Monday. I don't know why, but I hate when my chickens are gone... so I have not looked forward to sending her to school this year. Luckily, she has an awesome and encouraging teacher this year, unlike the last one.

-Little photo shoots here and there... mostly families that I have not blogged about yet, forgive me, they will come. My brother and sister-in-laws new baby and a slew of other personal photos.

- I feel like I'm 10 weeks pregnant again with full blown nausea and sleepiness. I started puking every day again... oh the joy! Seriously? Is it possible to feel normal again? I mean the baby is going to come out and I'm going to feel like I want to have a relationship with food again and not want to sleep the day away? No way!

- We have been in our new home that Ivory Homes built for a year now and we are trying to get all of our warranty issues covered before the month is over... we're talking law-suit at this point. WARNING: Do not ever buy a home through Ivory, contact me via e-mail if you need more information!!!

- Like I said earlier, making preparations for our little guy to join us. We've got to get boy clothes (which are mostly plastered with trucks, animals, or ridiculous sayings, can I just get some stripes?) Diapers, wipes, blankets, stroller, bedding, nursing gear, baby wraps... you get the point.

- Setting up a new web-site to launch in a couple of months.

S0 now the important stuff... I will be accepting family or portrait sessions until about the 15th of September then taking a break for abut 6 weeks, then I will resume doing what I love at the first part of November, right after my favorite holiday! Thanks everyone for understanding.