Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Aaron and Jennifer Wedding

ARE YOU EVEN KIDDING ME? Is what went through my head when I looked out the window one hour before I shot Aaron and Jennifers wedding. Winter had landed. I cannot put into words how windy and cold it was on December 19th at 2:00 p.m. at the Timpanogos temple. It was so cold and windy the temple president granted us permission to shoot their group shots inside the temple. -K- does anyone know how strict the temple workers are at the Timp temple? You even hold your camera while walking through the space between the two front sliding doors, and they're breathing down your neck, watching your every move like some how your going to miraculously have a camera that can shoot through walls to capture the sacred going-ons. So when they said we could shoot inside the foyer area, I nearly fainted.
It was so cold and windy that when we did their couple shots, we basically couldn't do them. We couldn't relax enough to even breathe right. It honestly felt like we were in the Nordic tundra. Luckily I had two VERY awesome clients who held on like champs to the end without one complaint, to produce some fab photos. So thanks Aaron and Jennifer, you two rock!

Look at how beautiful and happy she looks despite the circumstances?