Saturday, January 31, 2009

Suzzy & Sally

I decided for Christmas this year to hand make a special gift for my girls. I bought THIS BOOK in hopes to make toddler quilts out of their baby clothes and found these adorable cats inside the book. I don't know much about sewing so this book came in handy because it has step by step guides with pictures. I had to hide the fact that I was making these creatures, so I sewed at anybodys house that I knew had a sewing machine and because I didn't have one. On Christmas morning it was the first gift that Ella chose to play with... it took Claire a little longer. They now sleep with their friends every night, it's really quite sweet. AND the best part is, I got a sewing machine from Mark for my Christmas gift. Soooo, now I want to start using it, but need some quick and easy projects to break the machine in along with myself. Any ideas or links to easy projects would beneficial to me. Please leave a comment to help a sista out... Thanks!