Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Today I was acknowleged by our local newspaper, the Daily Herlad... Thanks MUCHO! The article was about mothers who blog and Natalie Hollingshead (writer) called when she found my blog last week and asked why I do it and why I think it's a trend for a lot of women. You can view the entire article here.

Notice the name of my old blog is with the new name of my business, Kate Benson Photography... I know it's a little confusing to some of you, so let me explain. My old business name was KMB photography (Katie Mark Benson). When I published my web-site under the old name, and were taken,- Imagine that? So I had to go with a little confusing and dumb if you ask me, although the last four digits to my phone is FOTO so it corresponded a little bit. The thing that was frustrating was telling people my web address over the phone, it always went something like this:

Me: You can check out my web-site
Potential Client: What's the address?
Me: It's, "K" as in Katie, "M" as in Mark, "B" as in Benson, "F" as in Frank, "O", "T", "O". It's Photo with a "F" instead of "PH"
Potential Client: Oh, okay (as they're writing "ph" down)

Nobody could get to my site. I finally changed my business name last summer for that very reason and also because my mom kept telling me to get personal. So I had the option of going with Kathryn Benson Photography since that's my real name, but if anyone ever calls me Kathryn (which is never), I don't answer... it's not familiar to me. I have gone by Katie all my life but I wanted something more sophisticated... plus I've always wanted to be known as Kate when I was older... is 30 old enough? So there it is -Kate Benson Photography-

This blog was formed when my business was known as the former and since I have too many followers, I don't want to change it. So book mark my blog, check back frequently, leave me feedback, I LOVE that you're all joining me here... THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

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