Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sorry if everyone is sick of seeing the Lehi Field, it's just so dang perfect right now that I can't pass it up for photo shoots, so bear with me.
Alright so I went to junior high with Kenon and Scott and was totally excited to do these for them, oh and did I mention nervous? Yeah, nervous. It never fails that after my photo shoots that I hope to the high heavens my clients enjoy their photos as much as I do. I try to make each session that I do as enjoyable as possible and hopefully it shines through the photos that I take... I mean, you're on the other side of the camera so you have now idea how they are going to look, or if your kids are making funny faces, etc.
About one year ago I had Rebekah take our family shots and I was a nervous wreck (I know how each of you feel in front of the camera, believe me!) I think we got like three shots of my youngest actually looking at the camera, but do you know what? I love them more than anything and I wouldn't have changed a thing because that's what our family was at that time, and they show that perfectly. The one that I chose to hang in my home is awesome, Claire is looking off to the side, but it's my little Claire-bo, a non-conformist... crazy girl!
Anyway thanks Kenon and Scott, your family is beautiful, and congrats on your upcoming arrival Kenon!!!