Friday, August 24, 2007


Hey mommy-blog readers! I have a HUGE favor to ask of all you. My mother (who is so incredibly talented and brilliant,) is starting her very own web-site very soon, she's just tying some ends up. The web-site is geared towards mothers and will include a plethora of inspiration on all sorts of subjects. Anyhoo, she just finished writing an e-book that will later be available on the site... what I need from you is any volunteers to read this book and give it a review... the best part is, you would get to read it for free, and if you have a blog or web-site, she'll link to you from your review.

The book is called
"5 Power Tips Moms Use For Raising Fantastic Kids"
Let me just say, this book is amazing, it gives such great perspectives on raising your children... Everyone needs to read this book, not just because it's my mothers book, but because it really is fantastic!

If anyone is interested, just shoot me an e-mail (contact me through my web-site) and we'll go from there. Thanks readers!