Monday, August 20, 2007


Okay so this little "about me" diddy is all because two photographers tagged me... the talented Nicole Green and Amy Martin. I've already done "about me " info before, so now I've really got to dig deep and think hard about giving up information about myslef. So here goes...

1. Just today we noticed Marks brand new powder skis and my new golf clubs that I've used twice have been stolen out of our garage in our new home... welcome to the neighborhood I guess. I want to chop the bloody thiefs hands off in a bad way.

2. Rebekah already mentioned this on her blog, but I curse worse than a sailor, even in front of my own mother *GASP* (sorry mom.) I know it bothers people, but I don't really give a you know what, and sometimes it just feels so good to get the swears out... like my reaction to number one.

3. I am notorious for getting food stains on myself, whether it be from my kids, from my cooking, or from my eating, I am bound to get a stain on my shirt by the end of the day, and almost every time my hubby is there to shake his head and laugh at me.

4. Just had my 10th root canal last Monday. Now all eight of my upper teeth are done. I don't even get notice that I have a cavity, it's just BANG, root canal time.

5. Our wedding song was Annies Song by John Denver.

6. I can't say no, I have a HUGE fear of rejection and confrontation.

7. I consider myself more liberal than conservative, although I won't be voting for Hillary. Actually, I don't know who I'll be voting for, this election is going to be a toughy for me. Honestly I think this country is damned no matter who is in office... which brings me to my last tib bit of info...

8. Taking responsibility for your actions is a BIG one for me. Own what you do, if it was a mistake, just admit it and fix it... it get's me to no end when people pass the buck.

9. I'm really loving the movie and soundtrack of HAIRSPRAY right now.

*If your dying to know more about me (and I know you are, hee hee) , you can check my older post 100 things about me by clicking here

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