Friday, August 10, 2007

Mike and Karli Engagements

Karli and Mike are NOT serious people, I repeat NOT serious! These guys were so fun to shoot and just had a great time with one another.

As I was looking for one last location to shoot at, I got stuck in the mud *see pics below*
Luckily Mike and Karli weren't around to see me stumbling and grunting like an idoit, but when I couldn't get out for fear of dropping my camera, they came to my aide. It was the kind of mud that's thick and sticky, the kind where the more you try to get out the deeper you get in... just plain gross. I couldn't get it off it was so thick and gooey but Mike found a ditch with running water... I love looking helpless on a photo shoot, it makes my day! So needless to say we didn't shoot in that area but we got some other great shots in not muddy places.