Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Sometimes I am amazed and blown away at how beautiful a person can be. I was fortunate enough to shoot Lindas beauty last night in Salt Lake City. I cannot tell you how graceful and willing she was to pose for me... it was effortless for her (although she'd probably tell you it wasn't).
In the middle of our photo shoot, the wind kicked into high gear and took her veil right off her head and shot it straight up in the air... it floated like a balloon and went so high, we thought we'd never see it again. Just as it was about to go over the building it plummeted back to earth, much to our relief.
We ended up shooting at the International Peace Gardens and come to find out, Linda had a little background with the gardens. When the gardens were dedicated 23ish years ago, Lindas parents were contacted to see if her children (Linda with her siblings) would represent Korea. So they were picked and had their photo in the newspaper dressed in their Korean garments. What a coincidence.
Thanks Linda for choosing Kate Benson Photography to capture your beauty!