Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Lisa is my sister in law so that makes Tyler Marks brother. These guys are fantastic! Lisa has danced (mostly ballet) since she was 8 years old and just stopped to have the baby. She was employed by odyssey dance company
and put our family in shock everytime we watched her perform... simply stunning! We took these pictures right before her baby shower last Thursday and she went into labor the very next day... phew, we got em' done in the nick of time. Lisa is such a great person & humble as can be. Tyler I knew from junior high school, he's my age. When I met Mark I could not put my finger on who he reminded me of until I saw his credit card with the name "Benson" on it and immediately knew he was Tyler Bensons brother. I love the Benson family. By the way they named their little girl Ava Rea... isn't that the cutest?