Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Marcella and Lucas (which is one of my all time favorite boy names) are the most handsome couple. It went so quick, I hardly had to pose them. We had to re-schedule these engagements because they, like me, wrecked both their cars too. Which by the way, they totaled ours out and we got money back... whooo hoooo. So now I am in a dilema on which car to buy... Mini Van? ughhhh. Not Mini Van? I love everything about them, especially the convenience factor but gosh dang it all, from an aesthetic point of view (remember I am an artist) they are HORRID! Also they are great on gas and I am a mom that will be doing the whole car pooling thing. I want something with bucket seats so I am looking into either a Yukon or a Mini Van. A Yukon is WAY too big for me, I am pretty short and I don't want to have to yank my kids arms off lifting them up, it just seems like it would be a pain for a short lady like myself. Arrrgghhhh what to do? Anyone?