Thursday, January 18, 2007


My little princess. Claire has a "thing" for my makeup recently, it's probably because MAC has about the coolest colors available and although I don't wear 90% of the eye shadows I buy, I sure like to look at them and so does this little girl. I have the shadows that are straight pigments so you can use them as blush, lipstick, eye shadow, etc. the color is fantastic, super rich and lush. Well Claire wanted to wear the pink pigment yesterday so I put a little on to appease her. Today she wanted the strong, green glitter shadow, so I went all out on her. Then she wanted her princess dress on... do I her camera clicks in the future? You bet I do. I pulled out the camera and placed her on Ellas bed. With beautiful natural light coming in through the windows we had our little photo shoot. Claire is our little "Lumpy Bird", "Billy Goat", and "Stink Butt". Her real name is Claire Victoria Benson but for some reason we called her Claire Belle when she was born. Ella couldn't say "Belle" at the time so it came out as "Bo" and it has stuck three years later... that's who she is. Simply Adorable.